Sunday, April 27, 2008

Venting about the Draft

It’s been a long time since I did my first and only mock draft. I only did one because I didn’t see the need of continually adding and changing my mock draft based on combine and Pro Day results.

It’s hard to believe how far some have fallen and how quickly some have risen. The NFL definitely puts too much thought into things like the 40-yard dash and not enough analysis into what a player does on the field.

Sometimes, there’s too much analysis, just like anything else involving the NFL. For some reason, NFL coaches feel the need to work 12-hour days and sleep in their office watching film. With most teams having 8 months off per year, I can imagine that the over analysis continues throughout the off season.

That said, where is Vince Hall? Where is Xavier Adibi? Where is Andre Woodson? Just look at today’s third round. Its so many guys like Dan Connor, Reggie Smith, Earl Bennett, that you would think were 1st or 2nd round guys. Justin King didn’t even get drafted until the fourth round.

I am glad that Miami did heed my advice and draft Jake Long. I’ve already read some people saying that he won’t turn out to be a good pick, like Jason Whitlock, but I disagree. He’s a stud and definitely will fill a big hole Miami has had for years, which is the offensive line.

Note to NFL Teams: Please draft the guys that showed they were good in college. Thank you.

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