Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sigh of Relief


Did I jinx Chris Paul? He had a horrible game last night as his team lost to the Utah Jazz. A day before, I was pumping him up for MVP.

His line from last night - 4 pts, 9 ast, 2, reb, 3 stl.

However, before last night Paul had at least a double-double in 15 of his last 16 games. Last night was also only the second game this season where Paul failed to get double digits in assists or points. Coincidentally, the other game came against Utah as well.

That said, don't fret CP3 fans, he's still the MVP


The sigh of relief, of course, is that Kansas won the national title on Monday night, sparing me from making one of the worst predictions of all time (although, I picked the NY Giants to go like 5-11 this year and they won the Super Bowl).

When it came down to it, Memphis was taken down by the things I figured would take them down all season; free throw shooting and lack of coaching. I don't think they ran one play the entire game.

What got Memphis that far was the fact that Derrick Rose and CDR had been unstoppable all tournament. What propelled Kansas was their combination of athleticism, poise, and coaching.

Random thought: What does Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk mean?

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