Wednesday, April 30, 2008

R.(oger) Kelly?????

I know I've been posting like crazy lately, but this is something I had to comment about. Roger Clemens legacy was already ruined on the field, but now we find out that he's a pervert.

A few days ago, the NY Daily News released this story detailing The Rocket's extramarital affair with country singer Mindy McCready, which began when she was 15?????

This is nuts. What's surprising is that the media seems to be downplaying that aspect of it. Just like they downplayed the fact that he's a cheater by continually letting him and his lawyers tell their side of the story, all of the talk has been soley about the fact that he had an affair.

Where's the outrage that he's a cheater, cheater, and a pervert? People in the media seem kind of upset that he cheated in baseball and act like they don't even give a crap that he cheated on his wife. They seem to have missed the part about him sleeping with teenagers. (The source said that while McCready met Roger when she was 15, their relationship didn't become sexual until she became a rising star.)

Still, the possibility that he had something going on with a 15 year old should make people more outraged than they are. Now if he was a black man, ....

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