Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Senior Year Blues

Being a senior sucks right about now for a lot of Drexel University students. For starters, most of the seniors at damn near every other school in the nation are pretty much done with school. This is intensified for me, as I am in a city-wide chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, and many of my frat brothers will be getting it popped off for the entire month of May Pac Man Jones style.

Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to drink enough to have fun and still make it to class. In a few of my classes, I’ve already missed the allowed number of absences per term. In another class, I’m sure the professor truly gets enjoyment out of making our lives miserable.

That said, I still haven’t had time to really get into the playoffs of the major league baseball season. Apparently the Rays (I’m still used to calling them Devil Rays) are in or near 1st place in the AL East. WTF is going on?

Meanwhile, I did catch the end of the Hawks/Celtics game, which was especially great when Joe Johnson went nuts in the 4th quarter. His crossover on Leon Powe was disgusting.

What is the purpose of this post? Simply to vent. I WANT TO WATCH SPORTS!!!! For the first time in God knows when, I haven’t had sufficient time to watch sports, play sports, play sports themed video games (I do have to review GTA IV for my feature writing class … woe is me), and even write about sports.

This blog is the most anybody’s gotten from me in terms of content since March. Hopefully, I’ll be able write a column next week, watch the playoffs, and even catch a baseball game or two.

Until then, its box scores and the 2 AM Sportscenter to satisfy my daily sports fix. I need a drink.

(As I was getting ready to post this rant, I noticed that CP3 tallied a triple-double [24pts, 15ast, 11reb] in the Hornets series closing game against Dallas. Please, please, please give this man the MVP. Thanks. Also, kudos to the NBA for attempting to end the 1st round in a timely fashion this year, opposed to the past few years where game 2 in some series would be Sunday and game three would be Wednesday.)

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