Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Bowl Preview, Sportsology Style

Time for another tale of the tape, Super Bowl XLII edition. This game might be a tad easier to predict than others, as these two teams played an epic match up on the last game of the regular season.

The New England Patriots are on the final leg of their quest to go 19-0, but if you don’t know that then you’ve either been in a coma for a really long time or don’t know how to read. If you have just awaken from your coma, I’m happy for you, although its kind of sad that you chose to come here for your sports news.

Without further ado, here are the match-ups.

New England Passing Game vs New York Giants Passing Defense

The Patriots torched the Giants through the air in their last match-up. However, the recent trend against the Patriots is to double Randy Moss and not give up anything deep. Obviously, this strategy hasn’t worked, but it has sort of slowed New England down. To be quite frank, there’s nothing anybody can do to stop the New England Passing game. However, the Giants do have pass rushing horses to make things a little more difficult.

Advantage: New England

New England Running Game vs New York Giants Rush Defense

A lot of people seem to say that the Patriots weakness is their running game. They obviously don’t pay attention to detail like me. In fact, Maroney (who was lauded as a stud rookie last year) had a better season this year than last.

Look at his stats; in 1 fewer game (but 10 more carries) he had almost 100 more yards than he did last season. The only thing that really holds him back is the shotgun spread, fast break offense New England has employed for most of the season. But when they’ve needed to pound the rock, they know they can rely on Maroney.

Don’t be surprised if the Giants get a heavy dose of Maroney early and often, as they may be expecting another gunslinging game plan.

Advantage: New England

New York Giants Passing Game vs New England Patriots Passing Defense

Sooner or later, Eli Manning has to start playing like Eli Manning. In the biggest game of his life, I expect him to choke in the bright lights down in Phoenix.

Advantage: New England

New York Giants Running Game vs New England Rush Defense

The Patriots only weakness is their run defense. Their linebackers are old and will give up a lot of yards. Oddly enough, their defense seems to get better as the game goes on. Still they pretty much are a bend and sometimes break front seven (in particular the line backers, more specifically Junior Seau and Tedy Bruschi) against the run. If the Giants want to win, or keep it close, they must rely on Brandon Jacobs and company, not Eli Manning.

Advantage: New York

Special Teams

Both teams kicking games worry me.

Advantage: Push


There’s no need to even get into this.

Advantage: New England

New England is clearly the better team. With 16-0 on the line in December, they played a decent game. With 19-0 on the line in February, I expect them to play a complete game. The Giants have showed a lot of heart this year, and they have a great foundation to build upon for next year. However, a lot of heart is no match for destiny.

New England 31
New York 20

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