Friday, February 15, 2008

Steroids? We're talkin' bout steroids man, not the game, steroids ...

The Roger Clemens fiasco hit a new low Wednesday, as he testified on Capitol Hill. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform embarrassed Clemens, Brian McNamee and themselves during the made for T.V. extravaganza.

For Clemens, it’s becoming more and more obvious that he’s lying. In attempting to clear his name, he’s thrown his friend, trainer, and even wife under the bus. Yet, he always comes off worse every time he opens his mouth.

He even stooped as low as to basically bribe Congress members of the committee with autographs and photo shoots. It seemed to work, as some Congressmen seemed to be wholeheartedly on his side.

One guy couldn’t understand why we were supposed to believe McNamee, who previously lied about Clemens’ use of performance enhancing drugs. Uhh, Mr. Congressman, uhhh, you ever think that maybe he lied originally to protect Clemens?

Speaking of Congress, what a waste of time it is to even have them. With all of the issues going on in our country, they decided it was a good use of time to put Roger Clemens on trial Wednesday. I recall a Congressman in the beginning say something along the lines of ‘It may get a little hectic today because of voting, but we’re going to keep it moving anyway.’ I hope there weren’t any important topics being called to the floor yesterday.

I don’t know what was accomplished by that hearing. What difference does it make if Roger Clemens lied or not lied about steroid use, or if he used at all? That’s a baseball problem. I thought the purpose of that hearing, the one in 2005, and the Mitchell Report was to analyze steroid use in baseball, see how it became so prevalent, and what can be done to slow it down or curtail its use.

Instead, all any of these things has ever accomplished was embarrassing people. I’m disgusted that our tax money contributed to that charade of an event.


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