Monday, February 18, 2008

Dunk Contest Vinsanity ...

I’m tired of everyone saying Dwight Howard brought back the dunk contest this year. Uhhh didn’t Amare and Josh Smith do that two years ago?

For the record, this past weekend’s dunks were average. I like what Amare and Smith did in 05 better than this year and what Andre Iguodala and Nate Robinson did in 06 better.

Reggie Miller even compared this year’s dunk contest to the ’88 contest between MJ and ‘Nique. Are you f’n serious??? In the words of Roy Jones, y’all must’ve forgot, so allow me to remind you about … Vinsanity. Yes, 2000 Dunk Contest, the greatest display of consecutive dunks ever. (excuse the foul language on the song: Dipset – “Dipset Anthem”

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