Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Bad Prediction

I can't believe it.

The New England Patriots lost. The team that I had been predicting to go undefeated for most of the season failed me in the end.

Worst, they lost to a team I predicted to finish last in their division. Yup, I thought that between losing Tiki, Tom Coughlin's nagging, and Eli being Eli that the Giants were doomed this season.

Instead they're Super Bowl champs. As for the "Big Game," there's only one thing to blame for the Patriots loss.


Interestingly enough, I wrote in this week's Triangle about how the NFL did a good job of squelching all Spygate talk.

Instead, those chickens came to roost two days before the Super Bowl, with the accusation that New England cheated in their first Super Bowl victory against the Rams.

In case you didn't notice, the Patriots came out flatter than they've ever been and it cost them. They never truly had their swagger for this game, which might be due to distraction. Oh well, now I can go back to hating the Patriots with a passion.

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