Monday, December 3, 2007

Random BCS/Hawaii Note

This isn’t my annual defense of the BCS rant, which is scheduled to appear on Sportsology for the first time as soon as I’m done with all my college-related obligations.

In the meantime, allow me to rant and rail against Hawaii and its supporters. The University of Hawaii Warriors are the most suspect undefeated college football team in a long, long, long, long, time.

I know nobody wanted to play them and they had scheduling problems, but it is what it is, they didn’t play anybody.

They’ve played two one-loss teams, two two-loss teams, and only 3 teams (Fresno St., Nevada, Boise State) with a .500 record or better.

More importantly, they’re not that good.

Have any of these people who are crying foul about Hawaii being left out of the national championship in favor of LSU or Ohio State actually watched Hawaii play?

They are an exciting, but average football team at best. A good team with a good defense, like Georgia, will rattle Colt Brennan and keep Hawaii’s offense in check.

Additionally, Colt Brennan isn’t that good at quarterback, despite the gaudy numbers. Watching him throw and the U of Hawaii legend Timmy Chang throw, its not even close. Chang takes that one in a landslide.

Look for Georgia to dominate Hawaii in this season's Sugar Bowl, Colt Brennan to throw ducks, and for good measure, LSU to dominate Ohio State and show that they were the best team in the nation this season, although I’ve always thought they were a tad overrated.

Without getting too far into it, one of the biggest reasons why the BCS is getting torched again this year is the fact that there wasn’t a great team this year. All the good teams were solid at best.

More on this to come later.

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