Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report Edition of Quick Hits

How could I let such a monumental few days pass without another round of quick hits? I couldn't, of course so enjoy!


The infamous Mitchell Report finally dropped yesterday. But here’s what we all have really been waiting for, the list of names.

The report itself is a casserole of interviews with Kirk Radomski, Brian McNamee, and stuff we already knew. It’s kind of a waste of 400 pages, but it did reveal some things I speculated.

1. Everyone was on the juice. A bum was just as likely to use the juice as an All-Star. A pitcher was just as likely to use drugs as a slugger. A middle reliever was just as likely to use them as a leadoff man. Therefore, if most of the people were juicing then guys like Bonds and Clemens weren’t getting a competitive advantage but staying ahead.

2. Speaking of Clemens, it was sooooo obvious that he was on steroids. His career was just as improbable as Barry Bonds. His name even came up before in steroid speculation, but he was able to deny the allegations and move on. If he had people out to get him, like Bonds, I’m sure that this information would’ve been dug up along time ago.

3. Reactions prove that racism or hatred for Barry Bonds were part of the reason people were so mad in the first place. The writers are getting on TV and posturing like they will hold Clemens up to the same standard as people do Bonds, but I could hear the half-heartedness in their voices. It would be fitting if they both retired or left the game this year, because 5 years from now I can almost guarantee that Clemens will have an easier time getting into the Hall of Fame than Bonds. Regardless of the reasons why, there’s an obvious bias against the guy, down the fact that he was mentioned more times than anyone else in the Mitchell Report, when all the stuff that was said in it was pretty much old news.

All that said, I hope these guys were actually using, because they will now be taunted as cheaters for the rest of their careers. I still say don’t hate the player, hate the game, literally


Mario Williams is making people like me eat their words. I ripped him the shreds as an overrated prospect, a historically stupid #1 overall pick, and an underachiever.

Now, he’s balling harder than Vince Young (Madden Cursed) and Reggie Bush (always overrated).

In fact, he’s already the most prolific pass rusher in Houston Texans history, which is still kind of pathetic.

Still, props are due to Mario, and I’m now on the Mario Williams 4 Pro Bowl bandwagon.

As for the rest of the league, it looks like my NFC picks were dead wrong (again) and the Giants and Vikings have the playoff inside track.

Its all for naught, however, as Dallas is light years ahead of everyone else in the conference and should make it to the Super Bowl rather easily.


Not much to say here, besides STOP SHOWING THE SAME DAMN TEAMS EVERY WEEK!!!!!!

I've still yet to see an entire Celtics game, but I've seen at least 4 Miami Heat games, in which they lost all four, Shaq looked horrible, and their team as a whole looked atrocious.

College Bball

Haven't seen enough games to make a comment. Sorry folks.

College Fball

I promise my BCS rant is coming soon.

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