Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Check out Agent Zero's Blog

In the middle of not doing my 15 page paper on 'German explanations to American Economic Problems,' I visited the Sports Guy's World and checked out his new post. His post directed me here, Gilbert Arenas' blog.

His blog is becoming a must read. His musings about NBA player contracts is definately real talk.

Okafor, you're not Dwight Howard baby, you have to ball like him to get D-Howard change. He's having an All-NBA season and his team is the 2nd best team in the East. You're playing like an average center for a moderately crappy Eastern Conference team.

All of the other players he mentioned were smoking something when they turned down those deals too. GM's aren't as dumb as they were now, and bad contracts aren't being signed as often as they used to.

In fact, part of that reason might be because the players are too dumb to sign the contracts, and end up getting their true value on the free agent market opposed to signing a high priced contract extension.



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