Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Still M.I.A., But I'm Working On It

I guess its a little late to announce I'm going to be on a sorta of hiatus. I apologize to all those who were looking for a Final Four recap/Championship Preview/Championship game recap. At the end of the day, Florida won and I was right. Greg Oden showed up finally, and as you can see, he still got the girl (this picture was taken well before the Final Four) and will be selected number one overall in this year's draft.

I should be back posting with regularity in the next week or so. Until then, I'll pop up with some thoughts here and there. In addition, I should probably do a baseball preview of some sorts.

Also, the NBA's MVP race is looking like Nash v. Dirk v. Kobe, and the championship race is looking like it'll be between Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Detroit and Miami, with Houston, Utah, L.A. Lakers, and the Cavaliers as wild cards.

R.I.P. to Eddie Robinson, a true legend.

In closing, I'll leave you with a musical selection. Remix's are regular in hip-hop, so are freestyles over somebody else's beat. However, I can't recall someone strong arming somebody's song quite like Kanye did Rich Boy. I can't tell you what D's Rich Boy is talking about, but Kanye made it quite clear what D's he'd like to throw on that ....... (this might also be the cheapest video of all time)

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