Monday, April 9, 2007

You's a Ho!

I thought I was going to be able to go on hiatus for a while, recharge my batteries, and hit the ground running. Instead, idiots like Don Imus say things that I must respond to. In case you missed it, here’s what he said (check out Billy Packer’s remark at the end. According to the dictionary, he said nothing wrong, but it seems like he called that dude a fag to me):

First and foremost, where does a guy with hair that bad get off talking about anybody else’s hair. He looks like a white Katt Williams, except he’s not as funny.

What makes me the most upset about this is not the fact that he said it, but the lame apologies afterwards. When he called those girls “nappy headed ho’s,” Imus said it with the conviction of someone who fully meant what he just said. It’s only when he got on the hot seat that he apologized. If he was truly sorry, I think he would’ve apologized on the spot.

I would’ve respected him more if he would’ve stood by his comments. Most of us who were offended by Imus’ remarks aren’t going to accept his apology, nor believe it’s sincere. If you’re going to go down, why not go down hard? Except, he’s not going down.

Shamefully, this dude still has a job. I don’t know how you can maliciously attack someone like that and remain employed. Only on shock radio, I suppose. Regardless of how you feel about women’s basketball, I think everyone needs to realize that these are girls are students first. They are not only putting in the time on the court, but they’re putting in the classroom. College is hard enough without playing a sport, which is like having a full-time job with plenty of overtime.

On a random tangent about that fiasco, can we send out a memo to all the people who make “Spike Lee Joint” jokes that he’s made more movies besides “Do The Right Thing?” The wannabee’s and jiggaboo’s are from the movie “School Daze.” Not only do you show a lack of respect for women of color, but you don’t even respect the work of people of color. Sheesh.

Back to Imus, the apology was lame. Dude came off like someone trying not to get fired, even though I guess he was successful. For the world of sports to be a supposed field of tough guys, everyone seems like sissies. Nobody is ever man enough to stand by their words anymore. If you offend somebody, you apology, regardless of whether you meant it or not. What’s the point? After you make a comment like Imus’, you’ve been exposed. He may not be a racist, but he’s obviously a person who doesn’t respect women of color.

Part of the reason why the sissy behavior has become prevalent is because the powers that be have accepted these copouts. If you say something stupid, racist, or hateful and apologize, you’ll get slapped on the wrist and everybody will keep it moving. Three weeks from now (his two week suspension doesn't even start until next Monday), Imus will be back on the radio like nothing happened. When he comes back, he’ll probably be bolder than ever. At least until he says something stupid again.

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