Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Sweet It Is

60% of the time, I'm right 63% of the time. I'm not very pleased about how my predictions turned out. The lack of upsets really did me in. How could ODU not advance to the Sweet Sixteen? How could Davidson not beat Maryland? I'm not even going to talk about that team from the LBC.

On the flip side, all of my Elite Eight picks are still alive. That leaves me with an interesting choice: Bail on my picks and start over from here, or keep on rolling until the wheels fall off. The best thing to do, of course, is check the new matchups.

Replacing my disasterous picks of ODU, VCU, Texas (I'm glad I didn't pick them to win it all), Washington St., UVA, and Nevada are Butler, Pitt, USC, Vanderbilt, Tennesse, and Memphis. That said, I'm sticking with my picks.

Florida v. Butler could be an exciting game or a blowout. Florida is way too talented for the Bulldogs, so pencil this one in the 10-20 point victory range.

Oregon v. UNLV will be a very exciting game. Oregon is playing better defense, but this game will be one with scores in the high 70s. Look for the Ducks to pull away in the late stages of the game, thanks to superior talent.

Kansas v. S. Illinois is the same story as Florida v. Butler. A very good mid-major team taking on a loaded BCS-conference squad steamrolling towards the championship. Then again, the same could've been said about last year's Elite Eight matchup between George Mason and UConn. Florida has been lethargic at times, and Kansas has lost to Oral Roberts this season. Nothing is impossible (in both games), but I expect Kansas to take this game by double digits as well.

UCLA v. Pitt will probably be the ugliest game of the tournament, besides ODU/Butler. Look for Aaron Afflalo to lead the Bruins past Pitt and the very overrated Aaron Gray.

UNC v. USC is a game many people think could end up in an upset. I still like the boys from Carolina, who go ten deep and have the better coach.

Georgetown v. Vanderbilt is a game I can't say too much about. Vanderbilt is a team I don't know much about, and I didn't expect them to be here. Georgetown is a team some picked to win it all, but they've been suspect at times. They've also been great at times, and should take the W.

Ohio State v. Tennessee is the one game I thought about switching the most. If I had guts, I'd have picked OSU to lose to Xavier. The Buckeyes are good, but they are a little bit overrated. Tennesee will give them all they got, before losing a close one.

Texas A&M v. Memphis might become another ugly game. It won't be as bad as Memphis v. UCLA from last year, but it won't be pretty either. Acie Law is the man, however, and the Aggies will use their defense to knock off Memphis.

Lets see how wrong I'll be this time.

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