Monday, March 5, 2007

Its Been A Long Time (Drexel Bball Rant)

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope post to step to. Where have I been, you wonder? On my grind. There's been alot of things I've wanted to talk about.

Like the Eagles not signing Jeff Garcia because of McNabb's sensitivity, and the possibility of yet another controversy because Garcia has a lot of support in Philly.

Also, Durant is proving right, but A.I. and 'Melo have been letting me down. And of course, baseball is back. But alas, no time = no post.

This post will be a short one, but I just want to rant about Drexel basketball again. We caught an L in the CAA semi's, but thats ok. We should still get in. My sports editor, Brett Fischer, wrote an excellent column pleading our case.

Just to piggy back a few things off this:

Creighton is now the MVC Champ. Penn is Ivy League champ. The loss to VCU was essentially a home game for the Rams. (The CAA tourney is in Richmond, VA, the same city where VCU is.)

In addition, if you notice, most of Drexel's losses come against teams that know Drexel. Drexel's defense is so tough that it gives everybody problems. Drexel's own offense is its problem. However, teams that don't know Drexel don't know how to defend them as well as CAA teams.

Therefore, Drexel would do well in the tourney, because they'd play teams that would not be familiar with them. Drexel, if they make the NCAA's, should be a Sweet Sixteen team. Mark my words.

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