Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Hits 6/3


Yes, I'm leading off with the NHL. This might be the first time the NHL has been mentioned here all year. Last night I noticed Game 5 of the Stanley Cup was in the second overtime, so I decided to turn to it. Not only was it exciting, it was on a chanel I've heard of and not Versus.

The mroe the NHL comes on NBC, the better it will be. They need to get off of versus ASAP. I've always thought hockey was a cool sport; the year-long lockout just really pissed me off because I was really starting to learn about the game and get into it. I'm definitely going to try to catch at least some of Game 6 on Wednesday and maybe I'll start watching regularly again next season.


Three of the NFL's bad boys made the news yesterday. First, former Cincinnati LB Odell Thurman is facing an indefinite suspension because of another violation of the league's substance abuse policy.

I feel sorry for him because he's battled some demons, including alcoholism and family problems. When dealing with people who are addicted to something, this type of punishment may not be effective. It definitely curtails recreational drug use, but if you're an alcoholic or drug addict, rules won't stop you from using.

In Denver, Travis Henry was cut by the Broncos because of "lack of commitment." First, this dude has wayyyyyyyyyyy too many kids to be unemployed.

Second, its interesting that the Broncos made him restructure his contract to where he was only making $1.1 million/yr. And yet, the owners want a new deal. Don't they have it good enough as is?

Finally, Pac Man has been partially reinstated by the commissioner. He has to stay out of trouble to be fully reinstated by the start of the season. Hopefully he knows that staying out of trouble means not going anywhere near a strip club. I really hope this dude gets it together, but I have to say I'm skeptical as of now.

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