Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Hits

In what may be my 2nd and last post in the month of October, unfortunately, I decided to give you a few quick hits before I kept it moving for the day.


The Rockies will win the World Series in five this year and here’s why. First, this decade has been full of wacky champions, as detailed here by yours truly. Second, Dice-K is too important to the Red Sox to not cost them a few games. By that I mean, he’s their third starter, so he’ll have at least one opportunity to blow a game for them, if not two. I think he drop Game 5. He was a bust bound to happen. Third, it’s no way the Red Sox lose a World Series in Fenway, at least not the Red Sox of my lifetime (est. 1985). Therefore, the Rocks will put ‘em away in 5 at Coors Field (is it still called that?).


College football’s rule of thumb is overrated teams will get exposed soon enough. That should be sufficient enough to explain recent loses by LSU, Cal, and USF, along with LSU’s near fall the other night against Auburn. Additionally, BC will fall to Virginia Tech on Thursday and Ohio State will lose to Michigan. In fact, don’t be surprised if Michigan and Oregon square off in a Rose Bowl rematch of their game earlier this year. That is of course if Oregon doesn’t make it to the title game.

Speaking of Oregon, there should only be three realistic Heisman candidates. Two of them, Tim Tebow and Andre Woodson, get plenty of publicity. But the guy I’d vote for if I had a vote is getting no love and I don’t know why. That man is Oregon’s own Dennis Dixon.

He’s the reason why Oregon is in the Top 5 and a title contender. His stats (137-198, 69.2%, 1721 yards, 16 TD, 3 INT, 165.8 QB Rat, 423 rush yards, 7 TD) are definitely comparable to Tebow’s (115-174, 66.1%, 1711 yards, 17 TD, 3 INT, 177.5 QB Rat, 578 rush yards, 10 TD), even though Tebow has more talent around him.

Couple that with the criticism Dixon received for playing baseball this summer, and you have a surefire Heisman-esque triumph story.


The Patriots will go undefeated and Tom Brady will have one of the greatest seasons in NFL history. I knew this going in to the season, but didn’t have the balls to write it in this space. Lesson learned.


Lesson applied. The Celtics won’t be as good as everyone thinks.

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