Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Extra Quick A-Rod Hit

I had to address this while it was on my mind. These Joe Torre bringing A-Rod with him rumors are stupid. Not only do Torre and A-Rod not have a great relationship, A-Rod probably hates Joe Torre.

Remember the last game of the playoffs last year (ALDS vs. Detroit) when Torre batted A-Rod 8th? How disrespectful was that? Do you think A-Rod forgot about that?

All the talk about Alex opting out of his contract because of the uncertain future of the Yankees is more Scott Boras BS. He opted out because he's going to make billions of dollars. While I'm usually A-Rod's side, and I can see why he wants to leave New York, the contract numbers projected for him are absurd. There's no way teams can continue to afford this. Greedy agents (because they have way more say in all these things than the players) are going to ruin MLB's luxury of being the only major American sports league without a salary cap.

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