Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Hits 4/17/09

Ok, so I really suck at updating this blog. I'm sorry reader(s), but at least I have something to say today.


What do I think 2009 will have in common with 1997 and 2003? A World Series champion from Miami is the answer to that question. Yes, after two weeks, I've hopped on the Marlins bandwagon to win it all. Every six years it seems as if an out-of-nowhere Marlins team will put together the right mix of youth and experience to win it all. This year is no different.

They have a top flight pitching staff to go along with probably the second best player in baseball. If it makes you think I'm nuttier, I think they will end up facing another out of nowhere team like the Blue Jays, in the World Series. Stay tuned.


Cavs vs. Lakers is pretty much a done deal now. The only thing LA has to do is maintain. Cleveland still has to get past Orlando, but besides that it should be a cake walk. As for Boston, they're losing to the Bulls in 6.


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Damn, you took my blog idea. Love it.

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