Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Links 3/25

You know how ESPN was trying to make a big deal about T.O. missing some voluntary minicamps? Turns out he's in DC receiving an award for raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease.

Good job ESPN. With all the Matt Jones/Donte Stallworth/Pac Man Jones types running around, you continue to try to paint T.O. as the bad guy of the NFL, despite the fact that he's a model citizen off the field.

Sure he's paranoid and he wants the ball too much, but I'd rather have a guy making $10 mil per that wants the ball every time than a guy making $2 M and could care less about getting on the field.

The other link I wanted to share is about college hoops sleezeball Jim Calhoun and his staff at UConn committing major recruiting violations in pursuit of a kid so troubled that he was booted off campus before the season started. What a jerk.

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