Friday, January 9, 2009

Really Quick Thought

Sorry guys, but I've been slacking this week. I owe you all a Curry watch, and explanation of my NBA lists, a college football recap, an NFL playoff thought or two and a college hoops update.

But alas, I have no time. I did want to say that tonight's Celtics/Cavs game is the game of the year so far. In the previous NBA Game of the Year so far, the Lakers topped the Celts in LA on Christmas, and started the Celtics free fall.

Meanwhile, the Cavs are still rolling, have the best record in the East and are 18-0 at home.

This game is important because with a win, the Cavs can assert their dominance in the East and stake a claim that they are indeed ready for primetime. A Celtics loss would really accentuate the team's free fall and put more pressure on Danny Ainge to sure up the bench.

However, a Celtics win would show that they aren't ready to cede their dominant Eastern Conference role to the Cavs, and probably help them regain their momentum. A Cavs loss would place them back behind Boston, and put them down 0-2 in the season series.

If this game lives up to its potential, we could be talking about the ramifications of it up into the all-star break.

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