Monday, March 10, 2008

Return of the Quick Hitters


I’m appalled by the blasphemy spewed by Suns coach Mike D’Antoni. Recently, he said that the Suns are better off with Shaq than with a whole bunch of little guys running around.

I strongly disagree. In fact, don’t be surprised if the Suns don’t even make the playoffs. I still think they’ll make the playoffs, but if Denver can get it together the Suns are finished. They will probably be under .500 for the remainder of the season and eliminated in the 1st Round.

Since the Suns first came to prominence in the 2004-05 season, watching them play was a symphony. Steve Nash directed the orchestra, running around seemingly recklessly, hanging in the air until the last second possible before making an unbelievable pass.

You have to understand that what made the Suns great wasn’t necessarily their transition game, it was their half court game. Nash had the ball at almost all times, and he was surrounded by 2 physical freaks and a bunch of three point shooters. He can beat anyone one-one-one, and when Nash drew double teams, someone was either getting a wide open three or an open lane for a slam.

Slowly but surely, the Suns management has gotten rid of the three point shooting aspect of the team. Additionally, adding Shaq clogs up the middle and keeps the ball out of Nash’s hand. The Suns went from an exciting, unconventional team to a regular basketball team consisting of old players.

The Suns can’t play ‘regular’ basketball. It defeats the purpose of having Steve Nash. In Dallas, Nash played on a regular team and was a decent player. In Phoenix, with a system built around his strengths and giving him freedom, he was able to show his true talent.

Farewell, Phoenix Suns. You were once the most exciting team in basketball. Have fun being boring with Shaq, Grant Hill, and the rest of the gang.


My ballot is 1. CP3 2. LeBron 3. Kobe 4. T-Mac. More on this later.


The Dolphins will be stupid not to pick Jake Long. He would stabilize their offensive line for years to come.


I’m not really excited about this upcoming season. All the steroids and Clemens talks has been a big downer. I guess this is what they wanted.

NCAA Bball

VCU dropped the ball. Hopefully they won’t be screwed, but I doubt it. The CAA regular season champs lost in the conference semi-finals to William & Mary on a last second jumper. They should definitely go to the Big Dance over a big conference also-ran, like Oregon or Arizona.

Those teams consistently prove to be one-and-doners. However, I’m pumped about this year’s tournament. I’m not sure who I’m going to go with this year, so stay tuned to that as well.

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