Monday, November 26, 2007

Quick Hits 11/16/07

First, I want to say that my prayers are with Sean Taylor and his family right now.

There’s no need to speculate about the situation right now, we should just hope he pulls through.


As for the rest of the NFL, things are starting to get interesting. The Eagles say they won’t start McNabb until he’s 100%, which is code for “let’s see if A.J. Feely’s game against the Patriots wasn’t a fluke.”

Speaking of the Patriots, their road to 16-0 continues. I will say that their game against the Eagles was more of them taking the foot off the gas, than Philly coming up with a blue print.

Speaking of 16-0 (or 0-16), tonight Ricky Williams makes his triumphant return for the Dolphins. (Insert marijuana joke here).

I’m also looking forward to Dallas making short work of the Packers. However, if Green Bay does knock of the Cowboys, I’ll finally start to take them seriously as a Super Bowl Contender.

Right now, the Super Bowl berths are Dallas and New England’s to lose. Green Bay, Indy, Pittsburgh, may make it interesting, and the Jaguars and Browns are seemingly legit as playoff contenders at least.

Besides the Cowboys and Packers, the rest of the NFC looks like garbage.

Speaking of garbage, I looked at my preseason and fantasy picks over the weekend … horrendous.


There are a few themes developing early this season in the NBA.

1. LeBron James is here. While many people would’ve wrote this a year or even two years ago, I was always somewhat critical of LeBron, at least in the sense that I didn’t feel like he was the best player in the league or a Jordan reincarnate.

Now, he’s finally living up to those expectations and seems poised to average a triple double for a season some day. I’m now going to watch as many Cavs games as possible.

2. The Suns, Spurs, and Mavs are up to their old tricks again in the West, but the Magic and Celtics are also emerging as power teams. Look for them to be the new Pistons and Heat, as two more of my predictions are made foolish.

3a. The NBA is filled with young and exciting teams. New Orleans, Toronto, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Golden State (kind of), Atlanta, Washington (Caron Butler is the new Carmelo, you heard it here first), the Lakers, Portland are all fun teams to watch.

3b. The NBA hasn’t realized this, and continues to give us the same damn teams on TV. Note to the league, no more Rockets, Heat, Knicks, Nets, Pistons, or Bulls games until further notice. Thanks!

NCAA Football

I’ll save my defending the BCS/making it better rant for later, but I can say that the “overrated teams will lose eventually” theme of college football is constantly proving itself.

If Missouri knocks of Oklahoma this weekend, then I’ll consider them legit. If they lose to Oklahoma, look for West Virginia to destroy Ohio State for the national championship.

Also, expect Hawaii to lose to Washington this weekend, and look the Virginia Tech/BC winner to become overrated.

Georgia is also very overrated and should get shellacked in its bowl game, depending on the match-up.

I’m still mad that Dennis Dixon got hurt and ruined my West Virginia-Oregon dream title game.

NCAA Basketball

Still too early to tell in college basketball, but I can say the CAA is looking strong this season. Even my Drexel Dragons are playing well and my possibly exceed expectations this year.

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