Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 3 Picks

For years I used to pick the winners of each NFL game every week. As a junior analyst, I always was able to hold my own with the professionals on TV. Then, I came to college and got introduced to something called the point spread. Out the window went my traditional picks, at least until today. Per the request of my father, here are my week 3 picks.

(winners in bold)

Arizona at Baltimore – Baltimore is not as good as people think they are. McNair is pretty much on empty. Kyle Boller should be the Ravens starting quarterback, but that would prove they gave up on him too early and make them look stupid. Willis McGahee isn’t that good, so their running game also stinks. However, I don’t have enough faith in the young Cardinals offense to come cross country and get a win, as the Raven’s D can still play with the big boys.

San Diego at Green Bay – Brett Favre had a renaissance game last week, but that won’t last forever. Neither will LaDainian Tomlinson’s mediocre play. This is the week the Chargers offense begins to come alive.

Indianapolis at Houston – This might be the biggest game in Texans history. Too bad they won’t have their big game player (Andre Johnson) healthy for this one.

Minnesota at Kansas City – Mama always says never pick against Kansas City at home. This is looking like a 15-10 contests featuring two of the worst teams in the league.

Buffalo at New England – Who knows when the Patriots will lose this season, if they even lose a game. This game will likely be another easy win for the Pats.

Miami at NYJ – The Jets are banged up and Miami has to win a few games this year. If they lose and Trent Green plays poorly, let’s hope the Cleo Lemon bandwagon heats up.

Detroit at Philly – The Eagles can’t play defense and their offense is average at best. Detroit is finally ready to make a playoff push.

SF at Pittsburgh – I’m not as sold on Pittsburgh as everyone else is, but their defense definitely hasn’t lost a step without Cowher.

STL at Tampa Bay – Hopefully my sleeper pick will finally prove that I’m not an idiot.

Jacksonville at Denver – Jacksonville is a very bad team. Denver is hard to beat at home. Simple mathematics. (Now watch the Jags win this game somehow).

Cleveland at Oakland – Yuck

Atlanta at Carolina – Yuck

NYG at Washington – Yuck

Cincinnati at Seattle – I’m the only person in America that still likes the Bengals, that’s not from the state of Ohio. They’ll bounce back this week (I think). I’m also not a fan of the Seahawks or their hideous uniforms.

Dallas at Chicago – Brian Griese will be the Bears starting QB before Halloween, if not Columbus Day.

Tennessee at New Orleans – The Saints keep force feeding Reggie Bush the ball at the expense of Deuce McAllister. They should let Bush get the ball in the natural flow of the game, like last year, and continue to rely on Deuce for 20+ carries. Bush is more effective in the open field, and can remain a factor in the offense in the slot. Besides, he has better hands than Devery Henderson anyway.

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