Tuesday, May 22, 2007

He's Not Back

Sheesh. Just when I thought I was back, my laptop has gone kaput. I wanted to talk about how fun Golden State is to watch and subsequently how the NBA screwed itself by its handling of the Amare Stoudamire/Boris Diaw suspensions. A Spurs/Jazz series is bad for business and the potential for another Spurs/Pistons finals is even worse.

Yet, I can't see it happening any other way. The NBA needs LeBron to take his team to the finals, but Bron-Bron isn't ready for prime time. Additionally, he's getting no calls. Its unconscionable that the most popular superstar left isn't getting to the foul line. If this happened last year, Dallas would be NBA champs and perhaps would've had enough swagger to beat the Warriors.

If I had my laptop I'd make my first comments about this baseball season, in particular how the Brewers and Indians are living up to the potential.

Of course, I'd have made a sarcastic comment about another 757 hardhead, Mike Vick, and his dogfighting ring.

If I only had a laptop. If you want to read me more often, feel free to send a laptop to me.

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