Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Fiasco

I guess you could call this the non-sports rant of the week/month. Before I get into my rant, I'll give all one of my fans some random sports talk.

I was really looking forward to Agent Zero's first shot at the Blazers this year, but it was a dud. However, maybe not getting 50 in this game and getting called out by Eddie Jordan will light a fire under Gil and he'll go nuts the rest of the year (scoring wise, he's already crazy).

I wonder why everything T.O. does or says is news to ESPN? Please leave him alone, we are tired of hearing about him.

The Suns suck without Steve Nash. This is why he will win his third straight MVP. I wonder if they had him fake this injury to solidify his spot as the league's most valuable.

Baseball is almost back, time for more talk about steroids, more Bonds hate, more A-Rod hate, and a long boring regular season with a wide open playoff.

I hope the NCAA selection committee does right by the mid-majors this year.

Ok, now for my rant. Lupe Fiasco somehow didn't win any Grammy's tonight. "Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor" was not only the best rap album this year, it was one of the 10 greatest rap albums of all time. Lyrically, Lupe Fiasco is definately top 10, probably top 5. Maybe he would've won if "Failure" was on the album.

His punchlines are so sick on this song, the second verse might be the illest of all time. If you want to catch all the punches, you might want to look up the lyrics or something.

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