Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bears vs. Saints (The Other Game)

I was definitely wrong about the Saints. In a column I wrote for The Triangle after their win over the Falcons, I ripped the City of New Orleans for spending all that money on Superdome repair. I figured the Saints would suck eventually, fan support would dwindle, and the Benson’s would be deep in the heart of Texas by 2008 at the latest. Oops.

This match-up pits America’s Team from the city America still forgets vs. Da Bears. If the Saints win, we’ll hear stories about still unrepaired New Orleans, Katrina victims, and the greatness of Reggie Bush and Sean Peyton.

If the Bears win, we’ll hear about “The Fridge”, Sweetness, and of course The Super Bowl Shuffle. Can Rex Grossman win the big game? That’ll probably still be asked if they win the big game today.

Bears Passing Game vs. Saints Pass Defense

The Saints corners are old and slow. If you don’t believe me, then read this. Meanwhile, Bernard Berrian is very fast. He caught a 68 yard touchdown pass last week, and in 6 of the 15 games he’s played this season he’s averaged over 20 yards per catch (including last week’s playoff game).

His quarterback is the much maligned Rex Grossman. It was only about a year ago when Rex was the Bears savior. Remember that Bears team that won all those games with Kyle Orton as QB on the strength of their D? Then Grossman came back and played hero for a few games, remember?

I remember. Grossman may be the worst QB left in the playoffs, but he’ll torch the Saints slow QB’s.

Advantage: Bears

Bears Running Game vs. Saints Run Defense

The Saints gave up 129 rushing yards during the regular season, while the Bears ran for 119. Factoring in the cold weather and home field advantage, there isn’t much else to say.

Advantage: Bears

Saints Passing Game vs. Bears Pass Defense

The Saints have the most prolific passing game in the NFL this year, while the Bears have a pretty decent pass defense. Their corners are good, but their best safeties are hurt. The Saints have done a great job of protecting Drew Brees, but the Bears are good at pressuring the QB into making mistakes.

Advantage: Push

Saints Running Game vs. Bears Run Defense

I was going to go with a push on this too, until I saw ESPN’s NFL Matchup show this morning. They showed how the Bears weak side linebacker is afraid to take on blocks. You can’t be scared in the playoffs.

On another note, Reggie Bush is good but he’s not God and he’s not rebuilding New Orleans with his bare hands either. Deuce is the Saints running game; Bush is just a nice compliment.

Advantage: Saints

Special Teams

This dude that plays for the Bears is amazing. (Whats up with this Bow Wow song on all the highlight reels on Youtube? There has to be a better song) Meanwhile, the Saints still have this guy kicking. (Shoutout to Hampton Road's own, Aaron Brooks - the Greatest QB in Saints history, who made a cameo in the last clip. Don't believe me? Check out his numbers vs. Archie Manning. Keep in mind that Archie played 6 more seasons than Aaron did with the Saints.)

Advantage: Bears


Defensive genius Lovie Smith, who helped design the “Tampa 2” defense, takes on the great Sean Peyton, who was the NFL's greatest coach in 2006.

Advantage: Push


No city deserves a trip to the Super Bowl more than New Orleans. However, their luck has to end at some point, doesn’t it? First, Miami signs Culpepper. Then Houston takes Mario Williams. Then nobody take Marques Colston, and the list goes on. Since they’re over due with karma and luck, there’s only one way to go with this.

Advantage: Push

Final Score: Bears 20, Saints 17

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